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Our first blog! | The Himalaya Trekking Company

Our first blog!

Lessons learned in the mountains !

Today I woke and thought “just do it, today. Stop procrastinating, don’t worry about failure just get out there and say what you want to say”. I have for a long time wanted to share my thoughts and the lessons I’ve learned about life, it’s struggles and it’s triumphs. I’m no expert on this thing called life and no guru or leader in the personal growth industry, just a person who has experienced life with all it’s ups and downs and in between’s and along the way with help from others learnt how to navigate and love each day and the journey I am on.

Life can feel like climbing a mountain, there’s the easy bits, the ups and downs, the the highest highs and the deep valleys. There’s times when it feels insurmountable and giving up seems like the only option left to us, times when the mountain throws it’s storms at us and times of unimaginable beauty.

How we face our own mountains, how we bring our highest, best selves to the challenge, or not, will determine not only our current levels of happiness and freedom but also that of our future and if we want to experience higher levels of personal happiness, satisfaction and freedom then the time to start that journey is now.

It won’t always be an easy journey, but through struggle and triumph we can learn and grow and challenge ourselves to greatness. We can learn to embrace each and every moment and revel in the good and the bad of each day knowing that as we are challenged or enjoying life’s beauty we are on our journey to a fulfilled life.

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