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Pottery Workshop Tour- 1 day Tour ! | The Himalaya Trekking Company

Pottery Workshop Tour- 1 day Tour !

Pottery Workshop Tour

This tour is a bit distinct than regular tour you do while in Kathmandu. You may practically involved to make Clay Pot & take this back home as special self handmade souvenir. Pottery is an integral part of culture & an art com profession for some community mostly in Kathmandu valley. There was cast system in Nepal in the past & different work responsibility was distributed among different community. So, people produce their respective stuffs & exchange goods of their necessity for daily life. History goes back to hundreds of years, but it’s way of practice is still remain same.

Take a learn how to get the clay to the optimal moisture level for moulding and have lots of fun with the pottery wheel. Once you have your basic shape hammered out, then take your time to adorn it with beautiful patterns and inscriptions. Pottery master can also show you a variety of Nepalese patterns and explain what they all mean. Come join the pottery course and try making one for yourself to bring home…!


# Observe the traditional tools & equipment for pottery
# Learn how to prepare clay
# Touch & work by your own hand
# Take back home your own handmade product



Trip Price: On request 

Tour starts and Ends: As you suggest
Time: at your comfort (normally at 10 am)


Services Included:

  Land transportation per itinerary 
Comfortable Private Vehicle
  English speaking City guide
Workshop & necessary entrance fees
  Toll, tax or other operational cost